My name is Dee Sapalo.

I’ve been designing websites since 2011. That’s long enough to know that beautiful designs and fancy features aren’t enough to generate sales online—that the web is confusing enough as it is and you don’t need someone scaring you with fancy tech jargon.

It's my job to make the web a little less scary and a lot more profitable—so that you can do what you do best.

I believe that websites and the internet don’t have to be intimidating.

You deserve to work with partners who can bring you peace of mind, not just because they know their technology, but because they’ll put in the time and effort to really know what you stand for and what your business is about.

If we as your designers don’t stop to fully understand your context, needs, and goals, then how can we claim that the website we’re building can actually help you?

So before you and I ever discuss topics like web hosting providers or which features to include, I want to prioritize learning about you.

Tell me your story.

Research is the foundation of my web design work. This makes sure that your money isn’t wasted on countless revisions because we’re just guessing about what you need.

Your project will start with me listening to the story of who you & your end-clients are, which problems you’re facing, where your business dreams of going, and when you want to get there.

I do the above by practicing Human-Centered Design—a creative approach to problem solving that encourages mindsets and methods that make YOU and your NEEDS the focus of our design process.

Not awards, fancy visuals, or how well it would look on my portfolio.

We won’t weaken the impact of your new website because I prioritized profit by using cheap and low quality tools.

Ultimately, you’ll be working with me—Dee! And my personal goal is to treat your problems like they’re my problems too.

And when you work with me...

This is what you can expect:

  1. We’re going to study your business & marketing to see where your brand new website can help (it’s a synchronized effort)
  2. We’ll dig into your work experience to uncover hidden problems/pain points and address the root causes (not just the symptoms)
  3. We’ll focus on your needs & goals to decide what to build and avoid pointless embellishments (no useless bells & whistles)
  4. And more!

However, that involves a tremendous amount of work so I can only partner with a limited number of clients before sacrificing work quality and attention.

Do you think we’ll be a good fit?


Dee's websites...

  • Avoid outdated technology that are bad for SEO & mobile users (i.e. Adobe Flash)
  • Use Human-Centered Design to stay focused on your business needs & goals
  • Adapt gracefully on mobile devices through Responsive Design
  • Are intuitive enough for even non-techy visitors to understand & navigate
  • Are search engine friendly so they're easily found on Google
  • Are optimized to display well when shared on Facebook


Dee would be great for you if...

  • You're passionate about helping your clients & aren't just focused on profit
  • You think your old website needs a revamp so it can reflect the real & better YOU
  • You want a website that looks great AND helps with your marketing efforts
  • You want a designer who's committed to understanding how your business works
  • You need a website that communicates with grace—not tacky animations
  • You want me to say no (and explain!) if you make a request will actually harm you


Others will be better for you if...

  • You don't value the importance of research and just want a copy-pasted solution
  • You aren't comfortable discussing details about your business, marketing, & others that are essential for building a strategically sound web solution
  • You prioritize looks over substance, or profits over problem solving
  • You just need a contractor to flesh out and execute your design ideas
  • If you are interested in unethical business practices like copy-pasting other websites
  • You are actually looking for a full-time employee (I'm available on retainer instead!)

Let's work together!