Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions that you, and others like you, have been curious about!

That’s perfectly okay—It’s my job to be your translator for any confusing website terms and concepts.

There might be plenty of things you don’t understand yet, but the secret is that it all starts with you: your needs, goals, and constraints. The technical stuff will follow, so don’t worry.

If there’s something you don’t understand, we’ll map everything out together and I’ll be there to help you make sense of things every step of the way.

Human-Centered Design is a creative approach to problem solving that puts you and our target beneficiaries back to the core of the design process.

This means we use various mindsets and tools that keep us focused on your needs and contexts, to avoid being distracted by unnecessary (and often expensive) features that sound fancy but don’t really help you achieve your goals.

Unless you’re buying a turnkey or “ready-to-go” website, the size of your investment will be based on your context, needs, and goals.

Get a free quote when you fill up our application form. We’ll base it off of your unique situation and work within your budget constraints!

For simpler sites with standard needs, it’s safe to expect a turnover time between 1-4 weeks.

For projects with unique situations that require the full human-centered design process, we expect these to take between 8-12 weeks to give the process ample time for research, ideation, and implementation.

Generally, our projects take as long as they need to get their specific requirements met. So if your situation, context, and needs call for more complex tasks—or if our research findings lead us to a completely different solution than originally though—adjustments to the deadlines will need to be made.

Click here to see our services and their timeframes!

Yes! Domains and web hosting are like the addresses and land on which our websites our built.

When you work with me, I can help you set yours up with one of our recommended hosting providers—or you can get free web hosting from me when you purchase a monthly website Care Plan.

Absolutely! More and more people are browsing websites through their phones so it’s important that we design with them in mind.

By making our websites mobile responsive, we’ll be able to cater to desktop, tablet, and mobile phone users alike!

No. I believe that there are other  specialists and agencies who are better equipped to offer this service.

Send me an email if you’d like a recommendation!

A Content Management System is a kind of software that lets you manage your website’s pages, blog articles, and images without doing any programming/coding.

It’s a handy tool for non-techy users that doesn’t require you to install a program onto your computer. If you have a browser and a reliable internet connection, you’re good to go!

Yes, I offer training to all my clients on how to manage and maintain their website. If the idea of doing daily maintenance doesn’t appeal to you, I recommend subscribing to a monthly website Care Plan.

Search Engine Optimisation is when we gear our website towards ranking higher up on search engine results. The higher your ranking is, the more likely it is that you’ll get visitors (and potential customers).

Getting good SEO is a bit of a challenge because search engines like Google don’t publicly disclose all the factors that they base their rankings on. However, we know that they’re ultimately aiming at making great quality content easier to find, so it’s a good idea to constantly focus on making highly relevant and useful material for your ideal visitors.

You’re free to send me an email and inquire!

I believe in focusing on doing what we do best, so if you’re requesting a service that isn’t part of my area of expertise, I’ll gladly point you in the right direction or at least to someone who can assist you better.