Human-Centered Web Design

This project type is ideal for clients with unique situations who want to make sure they’re solving the right problems. 

Project Duration: Scope-based



The Inspiration phase is all about listening to your story intently. My job is to dive into the thick of things so I can clearly see things from your POV.

Our Design Challenge

We'll start off by framing our design challenge to make sure we'll set S.M.A.R.T. project goals and ask the right questions.

Your Business

We'll study your identity, context, goals, and offerings so that your website can accurately represent you online.

Your Needs & Pain Points

We'll look at your problems, pain points, and past solutions to give us a better grasp of the problem we're trying to solve.

Your Customers

We'll nail down a profile of your ideal client, identify their needs and problems, and design a customer avatar to guide our design process.

Team Design

If our project calls for skillsets I don't possess, we can look into hiring specialists to tailor our team specifically to what you need.



What are our findings? Which opportunities are available to us? How do we translate our insights into a prototype that is desirable, feasible, and viable?

Download & Abstraction

We'll collect our findings, analyze your stories, and identify design opportunities by finding common themes.

Insight & HMW Statements

We'll compose Insights Statements based on the themes we discovered, then craft How Might We statements to guide our designs.


We'll open the doors to both safe and crazy ideas. Focusing on quantity now lets us build our list of options, letting us refine for quality later.


We'll employ various techniques like bundling, visualization, mashups, and principle design to create a strategic concept ready for prototyping.

Site mapping

We'll create a sitemap that illustrates how each of our website's pages relate to each other in support of our and our customers' goals.

Rapid Prototyping

Nothing fancy for now. We'll quickly build you a prototype so that you can play with it and see how it works, how it feels, or where it might break.

Design & Development

We'll bring our design to life while making sure it's intuitive, mobile responsive, easily found by Google, and beautiful when shared on Facebook.

Feedback & Iteration

Once we're happy with our prototype, we'll release it into the wild and record feedback to make future iterations as effective as possible.



How do we bring our solution to life? In this stage, we work on launching our prototype, monitoring its progress, and keeping things sustainable.

Live Prototyping

We'll launch the site and continue monitoring for improvement. You'll get up to 30 days of support if you have any questions or need help!

Website Training

If you want to be able to write posts or articles yourself, I can train you on how to navigate your new WordPress dashboard like a pro.

Web Maintenance

Web Care Plans keep your precious data backed up, your software updated, and your content delivered fast. Not techy? You can hire me to do it for you!

Website Partners

The web is called such because of its relationship with other web sites. Connect with other website publishers to improve your online presence.


There are different ways your website can sustain itself. We'll go over various options you can explore, i.e. advertising, digital product sales, etc.

Traffic Building

A website without traffic is like a car without fuel. We'll talk about different ways you can bring visitors to your site—both free and paid!

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