Working with Dee

Here are some conditions I require before working with anyone:

Have S.M.A.R.T. goals?

Knowing what we're aiming for helps us know how we'll get there. If you're not ready to set (and commit to achieving) clear goals with me, success becomes even harder to achieve.

Have an audience?

If you haven't built any traffic yet through social media or original content (even business cards and flyers), be prepared to start that with me or we won't have anyone to convert into clients!

trust me to say no?

Good partners take care of each other even if it means saying "no". If what you're asking for can hurt you, your business, or your clients, you can count on me to say no (and suggest better alternatives).

Respect my process?

Some of my requests will be strange, repetitive, or a little uncomfortable. They have to be. Good projects are the result of asking hard questions so we can have solid, appropriate, and impactful solutions.

Have a budget?

We need to invest value to produce value. Being honest about your budget lets me know which quality of tools we can use to get the job done.

Have enough time?

You need to be free enough to participate in our various meetings. If you are too busy, perhaps we should explore other project types.

Are we a good match?